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Vector Technologies offer as wide range of vacuum systems for the vacuuming of coal, fly ash and other bulk product. Systems can be mobile or as part of a central vacuum system. Loading can be into trucks or roll-offs, gaylords, totes or other collection vessels, into silos or positive pressure systems or onto conveyors.. Baghouses are designed to handle fine abrasive product and feature tangential inlets, removable wear sections, deflector plates, pulsed-cleaned Teflon coated filters, plus magnehelic gauges for filter monitoring. Baghouse components can be equipped with rupture disks and grounded filter bags for handling potentially explosive dusts such as Western or PRB coal.

Model 624 VecLoader trailer mounted vacuum loader- stowed Diesel powered Mini VecLoader trailer mounted industrial vacuum loader Skid mount PM Industrial vacuum cleaning equipment, electric power cyclone separator to intergrate into industrial vacuum system Used trailer mounted VecLoader vacuum loader
Vacuum wet, dry, slurries. Never need to leave the job site to dump. Vacuum loaders matching vac truck power. To 350 Hp.
VecLoader® performance in a smaller package to 100 HP. Vacuum wet, dry or slurry. Never need to leave the job site to dump.
Powerful vacuum power modules for in-plant and central systems. Electric; 25 to 350 Hp
High efficiency cyclones, separators and cyclonic baghouses. Central, skid & trailer mounted to match with any vacuum.
Factory refurbished prior owned trailer mounted industrial vacuum loaders and other mobile vacuum systems.    

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