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Hydro-Excavator Vacuums — The Mudslinger™ & Mudslinger HD™

Vector offers this simple excavator to appeal to those operators in both private and municipal operations who need a small, versatile but powerful machine to handle small excavation, potholing and daylighting jobs. Noted for its simplicity and straightforward design, this machine can be used to safely excavate underground utilities for repairs or adjustments, for catch basin cleaning applications or many jobs in between. Offering multiple vacuum and water system options, the Mudslinger™ & Mudslinger HD™ not only will fit into your garage, but it most likely will fit into your budget.


300/500/800 Gallons

Trailer Mount Vacuums

These units offer up to 800 gallons of spoils capacity, up to 1000 CFM vacuum systems and 4GPM @4000 PSI water jet systems with up 325 gallons fresh water storage. With premium standard features such as hydraulic rear door opening and locking, and powerful options such as reverse flow, a hydraulically rotating and lifting extendable boom, and hydraulic valve exerciser, the Mudslinger™ offers the ability to tackle the job at hand without over-complicating the means to do it. They’re easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy on the wallet. Available with gas or diesel power, and as a trailer or skid mount for adapting to flatbed or roll-off (hook lift) truck chassis.


1200 Gallons

Skid Mount Vacuums

Originally designed for oil field operations, the Mudslinger HD™ is at home digging trenches or recovering drilling mud. With available vacuum power to 28” HG, 4GPM @ 4000 PSI water jet system, 500 gallon fresh water capacity, a fully hydraulic extendable boom and a full 55 degree dump angle, this trailer machine is built for the hard work. Precision electric over hydraulic controls and hydraulic door locks give this machine an edge over the competition, while providing the maneuverability, convenience and affordability of a trailer.


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