Hydro Excavation Trailers — Mudslinger™ Hydro Excavators

Hydro excavators offer a safer, more efficient alternative for removing soil compared to hand digging and other mechanical digging and excavating tools. These machines utilizes a blast of pressurized water to quickly create a dirt slurry that is then vacuumed into a storage tank, uncovering utility lines and pipe systems without damaging them. Hydro excavation is a year-round solution to complex trenching and digging requirements at both urban and rural construction sites.


Mudslinger™ Hydro Excavation Trailers

Vector, in cooperation with Vac•Con®, offers this simple hydro-excavator to appeal to operators in both private and municipal operations who need a small, versatile but powerful machine to handle small excavation, potholing, and daylighting jobs. These machines combine a high-pressure/low flow water jet system with a high performance industrial vacuum to safely excavate underground utilities for repairs or adjustments, for catch basin cleaning applications, and more. Offering multiple vacuum and water system options that can be configured for your needs, the Mudslinger™ & Mudslinger HD™ will not only fit into your garage, but it will most likely fit into your budget.


300/500/800 Gallons

Trailer Mount Vacuums

These units offer up to 800 gallons of spoils capacity, up to 1000 CFM vacuum systems and 4GPM @4000 PSI water jet systems with up 325 gallons fresh water storage. With premium standard features such as hydraulic rear door opening and locking, and powerful options such as reverse flow, a hydraulically rotating and lifting extendable boom, and hydraulic valve exerciser, the Mudslinger™ offers the ability to tackle the job at hand without over-complicating the means to do it. They’re easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy on the wallet. Available with gas or diesel power, and as a trailer or skid mount for adapting to flatbed or roll-off (hook lift) truck chassis.

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1200 Gallons

Skid Mount Vacuums

Originally designed for oil field operations, the Mudslinger HD™ is at home digging trenches or recovering drilling mud. With available vacuum power to 28” HG, 4GPM @ 4000 PSI water jet system, 500 gallon fresh water capacity, a fully hydraulic extendable boom and a full 55 degree dump angle, this trailer machine is built for the hard work. Precision electric over hydraulic controls and hydraulic door locks give this machine an edge over the competition, while providing the maneuverability, convenience and affordability of a trailer.

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HDD Vacuum Excavators for Directional Drilling & Potholing

For directional drilling challenges, Vector understands the need for durable, mechanically simple, and easily maintained equipment. Our HDD vacuum excavators are the most versatile, powerful systems ever configured for vacuuming directional drilling fluids and potholing activities. HDD vacuum excavators combine high-pressure water and vacuum capabilities into a compact package for proven performance, exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, and superior filtration.

Vector HDD Vacuum Excavators are available in a wide range of models, with options to address your specific requirements and adverse conditions. All units are:

  • Highly efficient and effective for vacuuming and potholing
  • Built to last with rugged design
  • Safer and easier to use than other excavators


Hydro Excavation 101

Hydro excavation is the safe, accurate, and fast alternative to traditional digging processes. Instead of mechanical digging tools, hydro excavators use a hose to expel high-pressure water to turn the dirt and soil into a muddy, malleable slurry. The equipment can then vacuum the slurry into a holding tank, giving inspectors and engineers complete access to the uncovered location. This process drastically reduces the risk of damage to existing utility lines and can even be used during wintry conditions when the ground has frozen.


Hydro Excavator Applications

Common hydro excavation applications include but are not limited to:

  • Debris removal
  • Daylighting
  • Line, pole, and sign installation
  • Potholing
  • Sewer inspections, repairs, and rehabilitation
  • Trenching and slot trenching
  • Drywell and culvert cleaning
  • Trough cleanout
  • Flood cleanup

Why Vector Technologies

At Vector Technologies, we prioritize safety and innovation, focusing on creating safe and high-quality hydro excavation equipment for digging at any site. For over 30 years, we have offered high performance, reliable designs for a variety of industrial and specialized markets for an endless number of diverse applications of all sizes. Our expert team combined with our quality assurance program and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures dependable and long-lasting equipment that far exceeds your expectations.

More Information on Our Hydro Excavation Machines

Vector Technologies’ hydro excavation machines are the solution to all of your excavation frustrations. For more information about our equipment and capabilities, or for help finding the right solution for your excavation needs, contact us or request a quote today.

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