Abrasive Capture/Grit Reclamation

Vector Technologies offers trailer-mounted vacuum loaders specially designed for abrasive blast media recovery. Our industrial vacuum systems recover sand, steel grit and other blast media used for blast-cleaning bridges, water towers and other steel structures before painting or coating, as well as ships and shipyard structures.

Shipyard Applications

Shipyard Applications

For marine contractors, Vector offers quiet, compact shipyard vacuums that cost-effectively replace liquid ring vacuums. Designed specifically for shipyard use, they recover spent abrasive from internal and external blasting activities. More than 200 Vector vacuums are in use at shipyards today.

  • Crane lift cage is standard.
  • Unequaled power and reliability.
  • Typically used with a vacuum box or a 10-cubic-yard vacuum bottle with only the carryover of fines continuing on to the vacuum.
  • Superior filtration allows both dry grit recovery and vacuuming of water and debris from water-jetting activities without changeover.
  • Available in electric or diesel power.
  • Replaceable wear sections to combat abrasive wear.
  • Extremely quiet; sound levels under 85 dBA are achievable with premium grade silencers.
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Painting Applications

Our Products

Vector’s solutions for high-performance shot and grit cleaning include trailer-mounted systems that work with VecLoader™ vacuums or most any vacuum system. They continuously clean steel shot, grit, garnet and other recyclables at rates up to 12 tons/hour. A revolutionary design allows precise speed and cleaning efficiency for a variety of recyclable blast media operating mixes and sizes.

Vector’s vacuum solutions for painting-related applications range from HydroVac™ vacuums with 200 GMP pump-off and up to 1,000-gallon storage for hydro blasting, to our extra-compact, affordable Mini-Vac series.

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