Industrial Vacuums

Vector Technologies Ltd offers a wide variety of products suited for heavy duty industrial cleaning and recovery applications. Noted for their simple rugged durability, Vector machines can be found around the world on the job in shipyards, mines, mills, manufacturing plants, oil fields, gas well sites, refineries, rail yards, general construction sites, infrastructure remediation sites, hazardous material recovery and demolition operations, commercial roofing, abrasives and coatings industries, and others. Wherever you need a powerful vacuum source, Vector can put the power of proven performance in your hands to get the job done.

Trailer Mounted Vacuums

Trailer Mount Vacuums

Vector manufactures its own trailers for its vacuum equipment, and they’re built to last. Specifically engineered for the machines, the trailers are designed to routinely handle harsh off-road conditions, yet pull easily and safely down the open highway.

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Skid Mounted Vacuums

Trailer Mount Vacuums

Vector offers a complete line of transportable skid-mounted equipment for those customers needing a more stationary fixture. Built to the same standards as the trailers, these skid assemblies are at home in harsh industrial applications like shipyards, rail yards and mines.

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Industrial Vacuums – All You Need to Know

Industrial vacuums are an important tool for the cleaning and maintaining of production machinery and job sites. They are widely used for the removal or relocation of solid and liquid materials, dust particles, and fumes in automated platforms, confined spaces, outdoor sites, and controlled environments, such as laboratories and cleanrooms. Vector Technologies is pleased to provide industrial vacuums easily tailored to suit the needs of individual applications, with a variety of options that incorporate modular engineering and customizable configurations.

Types of Industrial Vacuums

Due to the wide range of uses for industrial vacuums, a variety of designs have been produced to meet the needs of specific applications. For example, industrial vacuums may be mounted on trailers or skids, depending on the desired mobility and structural stability.

. Trailer Mounted Industrial Vacuums

Trailer mounted industrial vacuums are particularly useful for outdoor utility work, as they can be easily relocated to the desired locale. Excavation of utility equipment involves the use of high pressure air or water to dig down to the desired location. Industrial vacuums are used to remove both wet and dry matter from utility sites to enhance the speed and efficiency of the unearthing process.

Industrial vacuums can be mounted on two or three axle trailers, depending on the size of the equipment. To ensure ease of use, trailers for industrial vacuums are available in a range of configurations, including pintle hook and gooseneck hitches as well as hydraulic jacking systems. Electric brakes are utilized for enhanced safety during transport.

. Skid Mounted Industrial Vacuums

Skid mounted industrial vacuums include Vector’s full line of VecLoader™ products, which are specially designed for use in harsh indoor and outdoor conditions found in shipyards, rail yards, mining operations, and industrial plants. All of Vector’s VecLoader skid mounted vacuum systems are easily integrated into larger baghouse configurations, for customized systems to meet the needs of any industry. VecLoader systems are available in diesel/gas or electric designs.

Industrial Vacuum Applications

Industrial vacuums are versatile and can be adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and industries. Common applications include:

  • Industrial machinery and production
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Mining and extraction applications
  • Oil and gas production
  • Hazardous waste control
  • Roofing applications
  • Silica dust control
  • Carbon removal applications
  • Sandblasting and painting processes
  • Foundry applications
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Paper filtration processes
  • Palletizing and packaging
  • Centralized cleaning systems

Quality Industrial Vacuums by Vector Technologies

For more than 30 years, Vector Technologies has been a leading provider of reliable, state-of-the-art material handling equipment. Our skid-mounted VecLoader series industrial vacuums are engineered to be both powerful and compact, for ease of use in a variety of applications. In fact, all of Vector’s vacuum systems incorporate innovative modular designs, so they can be easily integrated with a broad range of industrial equipment, including mills, cyclone separators and classifiers, filters, collectors, and hoppers.

In addition to our industrial vacuums, we are pleased to offer a broad range of world class industrial material handling equipment, including:

  • Industrial vacuums
  • Air and hydro vacuum excavators
  • Vacuum and jetter combinations
  • Hydro-blast liquid recovery equipment
  • Abrasive blasting equipment
  • Surface preparation equipment
  • Portable dust collectors and baghouses
  • Spill response equipment
  • Hazardous waste removal equipment

At Vector, we are committed to providing superior material handling solutions through the use of expert collaboration, innovative designs, quality manufacturing, intensive quality assurance field testing, and dedicated customer service. We are proud to offer exceptional products to customers around the world at highly competitive prices.

To learn more about Vector’s line of industrial vacuum products and related services, contact us today to request a quote.


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