Trailer Mounted Combination Machine

Vector Technologies’ vacuum excavators are widely used for safely vacuuming directional drilling and potholing sites. Contractors depend on our machines to efficiently clean culverts, troughs, manholes, and sewer lines.

We design and build our Vector vacuum excavators to stand up to the toughest construction jobs with the efficiency, flexibility and power you need.

  • Safer, easier to use and more dependable than other vacuum excavators
  • Rugged construction, quality and tested in-field performance
  • Highly compact with superior maneuverability
  • Easy to unload
  • Can run continuously, minimizing downtime


Trailer-Mounted Industrial Vacuums

Trailer-mounted vacuum and hydrovac units are a portable, economical option for municipalities and contractors that are not in the market for a full-size truck unit. Similar in design and function, trailer-mounted combination and hydro-excavation machines are outfitted with the same powerful systems as their truck-mounted counterparts but scaled to fit a mobile trailer and applications in reference to this size of equipment.

Vector offers a comprehensive selection of trailer mounted vacuum systems, including our specialized Neptune Combination and Mudslinger Hydro-Excavation Machines. We also offer an extensive range of portable gasoline/gas-powered vacuums, diesel vacuum cleaners, and electric powered trailer-mounted vacuums. Whatever your industrial needs, we have a portable industrial vacuum system that will help you get the job done.


The Neptune ™. Neptune Combination Machine

A partnership between Vac•Con® and Vector Technologies has yielded the dynamic Neptune™ line of trailer-mounted industrial vacuum systems. Our Neptune machines incorporate a powerful industrial-grade vacuum with a high-pressure water jet for use in an extensive range of construction, excavation, and utility applications.

With exceptional durability and reliability, the Neptune offers an impressive field-tested portable vacuum ideal for extremely demanding and rugged operations. All Neptune systems can be modified to meet the needs of your particular project.


hydro excavation Mudslinger demo. Mudslinger Hydro-Excavation Machine

In addition to the Neptune, our collaboration with Vac•Con has produced the powerful Mudslinger™ portable industrial vacuum systems. The Mudslinger design combines the power of a high-performance vacuum with an adjustable high/low-pressure water jet. The versatility of the Mudslinger makes it especially useful for demanding applications that require fine control in excavation, utility, and construction applications, among others. A highly dependable and durable vacuum system, the Mudslinger Hydro-Excavator can be easily tailored to meet your operational needs.



Advantages of Trailer-Mounted Vacuums

Portable vacuum systems offer a number of advantages for contractors who need a reliable trailer-mounted vacuum or hydro-excavation system that is compact and easy to relocate to multiple sites. Trailer-mounted vacuum systems are ideal for cleaning surfaces at job sites and excavating underground utility arrays quickly and safely. Since our trailer-mounted systems include the same powerful equipment used in larger truck-mounted systems, it isn’t necessary to sacrifice power for size and mobility. Some of the other advantages of trailer mounted vacuums include:

. Cost-Efficiency

Trailer-mounted vacuum systems are significantly less expensive than their truck-mounted counterparts. Since compact trailer-mounted industrial vacuums offer the same level of power as truck-mounted units, they are particularly useful for small contractors and organizations that need a smaller, more mobile option without compromising performance. In addition, portable industrial vacuums have simpler construction, so they are easier and more cost effective to maintain.

. Safety

Portable vacuum systems offer a unique level of safety when working with underground gas and electrical infrastructure. Traditional metal tools are fraught with risks to both equipment and personnel, as they can damage lines. Trailer-mounted hydrovacs, on the other hand, are uniquely suited to these situations. Their compact construction allows portable vacuums to fit into areas where truck-mounted equipment does not. Pressurized water jets and high-powered vacuums allow for the easy and safe excavation of dirt and debris, while leaving utility lines intact.

. Efficiency

Trailer-mounted vacuums allow for easy debris and soil removal without the need for site preparation. Since they are easy to relocate, portable industrial vacuums can be quickly put in place, so work can begin immediately. They can be used to facilitate the use of standard iron-based equipment by providing easy utility location prior to the use of heavier equipment, thereby reducing work time and the potential for damage to utility lines.

. Accuracy

The compact size and precise focus of trailer-mounted vacuums and hydrovacs makes them particularly useful for clearing soil and debris from a worksite with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. This allows for improved operational efficiency while decreasing the time and labor necessary for site cleanup once the job is complete.


Common Portable Industrial Vacuum Applications

Numerous portable industrial vacuum designs and configurations have been developed to meet particular needs, including:

  • Combination trailer-mounted systems
  • Trailer-mounted hydrovacs
  • Trailer-mounted high-pressure jets

The compact size, strength, and operational versatility of portable vacuum systems makes them useful for a variety of applications, including:

  • Urban jobsites. The compact size of portable industrial vacuums allows workers to access jobsites in confined areas not readily accessible for traditional units.
  • Water treatment. Water and wastewater treatment systems use trailer-mounted industrial hydrovacs and vacuums for cleaning manholes, troughs, treatment plants, meters and valves, filters, and catch basins. They can also be used to break topsoil and safely locate sewer and water lines before using backhoes or other industrial equipment during maintenance and repairs.
  • Electrical utilities. Portable industrial vacuums help with utility location, excavation, and cleanup for underground electric line installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Municipal maintenance. Trailer-mounted industrial hydrovacs and vacuums allow municipal workers to locate gas, electrical, water, and sewer lines prior to digging or drilling for municipal projects, such as post, street signs, sidewalks, and other public installations.
  • Landscaping and gardening. Private and municipal landscapers and gardeners benefit from the use of trailer-mounted vacuums, which allow them to avoid underground utilities while installing irrigation, trees, plants, posts, and fences.


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For more than 30 years, Vector Technologies Ltd has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance industrial vacuums, hydrovacs, air and hydro excavators, combination vacuums and jetters, and many other material conveyance machines for customers in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and municipal industries.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable, powerful vacuum solutions with customized product designs and world-class technical support. Our highly knowledgeable staff have the experience necessary to ensure that you have the perfect vacuum design for your application. A comprehensive parts inventory and our 24-hour technical assistance help to ensure that your system will operate with the utmost dependability throughout its service life. We are also pleased to offer extensive maintenance services for both Vector and competitor industrial vacuums, dust collectors, and abrasion systems.

Our trailer-mounted industrial vacuums and hydrovacs are compact, powerful, and long-lasting, so you can be sure that you have the best equipment for your municipal or industrial needs. We use the latest technology to find solutions to even the most complex conveyance problems, and all of our systems can be tailored to meet the specific space, mounting, fuel, and load requirements.

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