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Industrial Vacuums

Vector Technologies Ltd offers a wide variety of products suited for heavy duty industrial cleaning and recovery applications. Noted for their simple rugged durability, Vector machines can be found around the world on the job in shipyards, mines, mills, manufacturing plants, oil fields, gas well sites, refineries, rail yards, general construction sites, infrastructure remediation sites, hazardous material recovery and demolition operations, commercial roofing, abrasives and coatings industries, and others. Wherever you need a powerful vacuum source, Vector can put the power of proven performance in your hands to get the job done.

Trailer Mounted Vacuums

Trailer Mount Vacuums

Vector manufactures its own trailers for its vacuum equipment, and they’re built to last. Specifically engineered for the machines, the trailers are designed to routinely handle harsh off-road conditions, yet pull easily and safely down the open highway.


Skid Mounted Vacuums

Skid Mount Vacuums

Vector offers a complete line of transportable skid-mounted equipment for those customers needing a more stationary fixture. Built to the same standards as the trailers, these skid assemblies are at home in harsh industrial applications like shipyards, rail yards and mines.


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