For cleaning smaller diameter sewer lines, or for sewer cleaning jobs where a vacuum truck isn’t in the budget, Vector Technologies offers a cost-effective alternative to vacuum trucks. Neptune™ and Super Neptune™ Jetter Vac Combination systems are compact trailer-mounted systems that combine high-pressure water and powerful vacuum capabilities into a compact skid or trailer-mounted package.

Vector’s combination jetting vacuum systems deliver exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, superior filtration and proven performance to recover liquid and debris in many applications:

Waste Water: Laterals and trough clean-out, filter bed cleaning, treatment plants, milorganite recovery

Water Departments: Manhole, valve box, meter box, catch basin and trench cleaning, utility locating, carbon filtration change-outs

Storm Water Departments: Sewer line, culvert, drywell and retention pond residue cleaning

Electrical Departments: Drilling mud recovery, potholing, short horizontal boring, transformer and underground switch vault cleaning, underground utilities locating, flooded vault vacuuming, utility pole digging

Emergency Response: Spill response, flood clean-up, waster recovery, shoring

Grounds, Maintenance, Traffic and Sign: Digging, locating without utilities damage, wash bay clean-up, fence and post hole digging, leaf/debris vacuuming, other wet or dry clean-up and recovery

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